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Well.. Well.. Well.... What a tense atmosphere we have. Perhaps today is the most important day for England. All matches today are very important, and we have a lovely line up.

So to start of there is the Argentinian Primera match, then we have the U17 Womens Internationals. Now the Japaneses and Chinese guys come in and they share a few nice games for us. After that we have some great European matches, always entertaining. Here is the best part, Arsenal vs Manchester Untied. We all know the favorites are Manchester United, but never underestimate the Arsenal young fellas. Furthermore there is a few more Premier league games.

There there is the German Bundesliga games. Those are also quite fun and relaxing to watch. Moreover, we will have a lot of other European leagues to follow, such as in Italy, Austria, Poland.. etc... Lastly we will fine some American (North and South) games here and there during the day.

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