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In 1528 AD. Babur came to Ajodhya (Aud) and halteda week. He drseeoytd the ancient temple (marking the birth-place of Rama) andon its site built a mosque, still known as Babur's Mosque It has two inscrip-tions, one on the outside, one on the pulpit ; both are in Persian ; and bear the date935 AH. This date maybe that of the completion of the building.//e0aeaee0af87e0aeb2e0af87 e0ae95e0af81e0aeb1e0aebfe0aeaae0af8de0aeaae0aebfe0ae9fe0aea4e0af81 e0aeaae0aebee0aeaae0aeb0e0af8d e0aea8e0aebee0aeaee0aebee0aeb5e0aebfe0aea9e0af8d e0aeaee0af8ae0aeb4e0aebf e0aeaae0af86e0aeafe0aeb0e0af8de0aeaae0af8de0aeaae0af81 e0ae8ee0aea9e0af8de0aeb1e0aebee0aeb2e0af8d 1.e0ae8ee0ae9ae0af8d.e0ae88.e0aea8e0af86e0aeb5e0af88e0aeb2e0aebfe0aea9e0af8d e0aeaae0af86e0aeafe0aeb0e0af8d e0ae8fe0aea9e0af8d e0aeb5e0aea8e0af8de0aea4e0aea4e0af81?.2.e0aeaae0aebee0aeaae0aeb0e0af8d e0aea8e0aebee0aeaee0aebee0aeb5e0aebfe0aeb2e0af8d 1528 e0ae95e0aebf.e0aeaae0aebf e0ae8ee0aea9e0af8de0aeb1e0af81 e0ae95e0af81e0aeb1e0aebfe0aeaae0af8de0aea ... Read more »
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நீதியரசர் D.V.சர்மாவின் தீர்ப்பு பெரும்பான்மை தீர்ப்பல்ல. மற்ற இரு நீதியரசர்களின் தீர்ப்பே பெரும்பான்மையானது. அதில் இராமர் பிறந்த இடம் என்று இந்துக்கள் நம்புவதாக மட்டுமே கூறப்பட்டிருக்கிறது . அந்த தீர்ப்புகள் இதோ:GIST OF THE FINDINGS by Justices Sudhir Agarwal:“The area covered under the<a href=""> cetrnal</a> dome of the disputed structure isthe birthplace of Lord Rama as per faith and belief of Hindus.”GIST OF THE FINDINGS by Justices S.U.Khan:“5. That for a very long time till the construction of the mosque it was treated/believed byHindus that some where in a very large area of which premises in dispute is a very small part birth place of Lord Ram was situated, however, the belief did not relate to any specified small areawithin that bigger area specifically the premises in dispute.6. That after some time of construction of the mosque Hindus started identifying the premises in dispute as exact birth place of Lord Ram or a place wherein exact birth place wa ... Read more »
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Thanks for the inhgsit. It brings light into the dark!
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