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sopcast 3.2.2
[ Download from this server (4.46 Mb) ] 08-Jul-2009, 6:53:12 PM
Release notes:
[July 7, 09] release 3.2.2

* Improve the data transfering performance.

* Enhance channel recording feature.

* Enable "ESC" key when the play in full screen mode.

* Fix some minor bugs.

Alot of main channels like StarSports, ESPN, CCTV5, SHTV, Guandong, 3TV1 cable channels and many good test channels. Also many movie channels, series and music or stuff.

Install 3.2.2 by scrolling all the way down, at the bottom of the page!

New version, so it works great with an additional VOD function. VOD = Video on Demand, think of a movie, or a serie: you can watch it at any time you want, and it will always start from the first minute on!

* How to install?

Scroll down to the bottom of this page, and download the ZIP File. Unzip it, and run the Sopcast.exe file. It will ask you to install, so just do so. It's smart to close your browser (IE or Firefox) before installing.

* How to watch?

There are 2 ways to watch:

- Start a channel from our schedule pages, you click a link and then it starts Sopcast + the channel.

- Start sopcast manually and select a channel. You can login as anonymous, or register a free account on . By clicking any channel it will open a new frame with the channel loading.

To watch VOD channels you need to have Reaplayer also!

* Problems?

See our FAQ Page:∂=home

* Linux Version

Command line Version:

Please read the Readme file in this package, about the usage and library dependency.

If you need the stdc++5 library, download it here:

Note: No need to download the libstdcpp5.tgz if you can run sp-sc. .

GUI Version:

qsopcast rpm (install the 2 packages below):

The GUI versoin is developed by Liu Di and Wei Lian, thanks a lot. See also our forum in case you need more help. Have fun!

Playing in Media Player:
There are a few ways of opening it into a Mediaplayer. Just watch a channel, and then open url in WMP --> http://localhost:8902/tv.asf . The end port can change into 8912 or 8922.

You can also start a channel from the player and press the most right little button on the right of the FS(fullscreen) button. It will open into the External player.


Sopcast 3.2.2 Official (1)
Sopcast 3.2.2 Official (2)
Sopcast 3.2.2 Official (3)
Sopcast 3.2.2 Official (4)
Sopcast 3.2.2. German Mirror
Sopcast Filter 3.0.3
Sopcast Webplayer 3.0.3
X- Sopcast 3.0.3 (All in One)
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